"Not just another pretty cookie..."

‚Äčxo, Meg

Made from scratch

Ever been to an event where there are adorable cookies, only to take a bite and not want to eat any more? Such a letdown!! That's where Meg's Delicious Cutouts are different...they taste as good (if not better) than they look. And for that very reason, I started this business. 

I've always enjoyed these as our family Christmas cookies. As kids, my older brother, Mike, and I iced as many as possible and ate them up as quickly as we could! When my mom gave me the recipe, I started tinkering with the thickness, and I lessened the baking time to get a wonderfully soft cookie. I realized that if I added enough water to the icing I could create a glaze effect, and my love for decorating cookies was born.

Everything is made from scratch. The ingredients are: flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, salt, egg, milk, vanilla. I also offer gluten free cookies, in which rice flour is substituted. For the icing, I make buttercream icing (ingredients: powdered sugar, butter, water, vanilla), so while it does not get as hard as fondant or royal icing, the taste is divine. I love the creativity of decorating cookies and I also love creating images on cookies requested by my customers.

Be the hit of the party, and delight your friends with custom decorated, delicious cookies!

Imagery by request

Buttercream icing

Family recipe