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Variety of Sizes

Assortment Options

Our cookies are a HIT!!

Custom Decorating 

​Let us create cookies that will make you the hit of the party! Whether you have a specific theme, a picture, an invitation, or just a few bits of information to share, we can bring your cookies to life!

Please see below for sizing and pricing details.

Variety of Sizes
We have cookie cutters in many sizes! If we do not have a cutter in the size you want, we can still incorporate your theme through icing decoration!

  • Mini: 0.5"-1.5" (great for "just a taste")
  • Regular: 2"-2.5" (most popular size) 
  • Medium: 3"
  • Large: 3.5"
  • Extra Large: 4"+

Pricing per Custom Dozen 

Pricing per custom dozen includes the use of up to 3 colors of icing. For each additional color needed to create the design, $4/color will be added to the final cost of the order. You may order in any quantity, the cost will simply be pro-rated if it differs from a dozen.

  • Mini: $22/dozen
  • Regular: $32/dozen
  • Medium: $36/dozen
  • Large: $42/dozen
  • Extra Large: $48/dozen

Examples of orders:

  • 1 dozen mini custom cookies + 1 dozen regular sized custom cookies using 3 colors (ie. red, white and black) = $54
  • 1 dozen mini custom cookies + 1 dozen regular sized custom cookies using 5 colors (ie. red, white, black, gray and pink) = $54 + $8 = $62
  • 3 dozen regular custom cookies using 6 colors (ie. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white) = $96 + $12 = $108

Ordering in a large quantity and on a budget? For orders over 2 dozen, try an assortment that marries custom theme cookies with a combination of lightly decorated and plain iced circle and ruffled edge square cookies! Contact us and we will work with you and do our best to find something that works with your budget!

Individual Wrapping 

We offer 2 options for individually wrapped cookies in clear cello bags!

  • Silver twist tie or adhesive flap closure: $3/dozen
  • Silver twist tie with the addition of a decorative ribbon: $6/dozen

Gift Boxes

Give a gift the recipient will love! Hostess gifts, teachers gifts, gifts for those who "already have everything!" Custom cookies will be individually wrapped in a clear cello bag with adhesive flap closure, placed in a gable box lined with white or color-coordinated tissue paper, and the gable box will be tied up with a decorative ribbon!

  • Individual: 1 medium custom cookie- $3

                            1 large custom cookie- $4

                            1 extra large custom cookie- $5

  • Small: 3 medium sized custom cookies- $10
  • Regular: 6 regular/medium sized custom cookies- $20
  • Large: 12 regular/medium sized custom cookies- $40

When ordering Gift Boxes to be shipped, we may decide to box them in white rectangular boxes for ease of shipping. Please let us know if a gable box is important to you and we will do our best to accommodate!

Local Delivery

For the Greater Columbus and suburban areas, we offer delivery as our schedule allows. Simply send us the address to which you are requesting delivery, and we will quote you a delivery fee, which will be based on $0.50/mile. 


Cookies are individually wrapped in cello bags, then individually wrapped in bubble wrap, and placed in white rectangular boxes. A combination of air pillows, bubble wrap and crinkled kraft brown paper are used to surround these in the shipping box to prevent breakage. They are shipped via FedEx or USPS, depending on the price and necessity of a specific delivery date. The customer will be advised of a shipping price estimate at the time of ordering, and the actual shipping cost (can vary by weight and box dimensions) will be automatically added to the final cost at the time of billing. 

Payment Options 

We accept most forms of payment, including:

  • Cash
  • Checks, which can be made out to Meg's Delicious Cutouts or Megan Schembechler
  • Credit cards, which may either be swiped in person at time of pickup, or sent as a Square invoice by email for online credit card payment
  • PayPal payments may be made using the email mschemb@att.net